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2024-06-11: The size of our Prometheus setup as of June 2024
2024-06-09: OpenSSH can chose (or force) the 'shell' used for a specific SSH key
2024-06-08: Operating services versus operating an "adequate environment"
2024-05-27: Some notes on Grafana Loki's new "structured metadata" (as of 3.0.x)
2024-05-26: Flaky alerts are telling you something
2024-05-23: There are multiple uses for metrics (and collecting metrics)
2024-05-17: The trade-offs in not using WireGuard to talk to our cloud server
2024-05-16: Thoughts on (not) automating the setup of our first cloud server
2024-05-11: Where NS records show up in DNS replies depends on who you ask
2024-05-08: All configuration files should support some form of file inclusion
2024-05-07: Some thoughts on when you can and can't lower OpenSSH's 'LoginGraceTime'
2024-05-06: What affects what server host key types OpenSSH will offer to you
2024-05-05: OpenSSH sshd's 'MaxStartups' setting and Internet-accessible machines
2024-05-04: We have our first significant batch of servers that only have UEFI booting
2024-05-01: Having a machine room can mean having things in your machine room
2024-04-28: How I (used to) handle keeping track of how I configured software
2024-04-27: Autoconf and configure features that people find valuable
2024-04-26: I wish projects would reliably use their release announcements mechanisms
2024-04-24: Pruning some things out with (GNU) find options
2024-04-16: IPMI connections have privilege levels, not just IPMI users
2024-04-07: NAT'ing on the firewall versus host routes for public IPs
2024-04-02: An issue with Alertmanager inhibitions and resolved alerts
What Prometheus Alertmanager's group_interval setting means
2024-04-01: The power of being able to query your servers for unpredictable things
2024-03-30: The Prometheus scrape interval mistake people keep making
2024-03-28: The effects of silences (et al) in Prometheus Alertmanager
2024-03-27: Some questions to ask about what silencing alerts means
2024-03-26: How I would automate monitoring DNS queries in basic Prometheus
2024-03-25: Options for diverting alerts in Prometheus
2024-03-15: The problem of using basic Prometheus to monitor DNS query results
2024-03-14: You might want to think about if your system serial numbers are sensitive
2024-03-11: Why we should care about usage data for our internal services
2024-03-09: Some thoughts on usage data for your systems and services
2024-03-01: Options for your Grafana panels when your metrics change names
2024-02-28: Detecting absent Prometheus metrics without knowing their labels
2024-02-27: Our probably-typical (lack of) machine inventory situation
2024-02-22: A recent abrupt change in Internet SSH brute force attacks against us
2024-02-09: Compatibility lingers long after it's needed (until it gets noticed)
2024-02-05: We might want to regularly keep track of how important each server is
2024-01-29: What I think goes wrong periodically with our Grafana Loki on restarts
Servers are (probably) starting to drop serial ports
2024-01-21: The expected size of a gap in a Prometheus range vector (sometimes)
2024-01-20: An example of how Prometheus's delta() function will extrapolate time ranges
2024-01-16: What Prometheus exporters we use (as of the end of 2023)
2024-01-15: How we monitor that our wireless network is still there in places
2024-01-09: How far back we want our metrics to go depends on what they're for
2024-01-05: Having a virtual machine host server has been quite useful
2024-01-03: Ten years isn't long enough for maximum age settings
2024-01-01: Alerting on our NTP servers having a high NTP stratum hasn't been useful
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