Why I don't file bug reports very often

November 23, 2006

I just finished filing Fedora Core Bugzilla #217080. Between doing research to see if this was already a solved or known problem, gathering all the information, and actually writing everything down, it probably took me around three hours. (And I already have a Red Hat Bugzilla account and know how to use Bugzilla, or it would have taken longer.)

This isn't particularly atypical; writing even decent bug reports is simply a lot of work, much of it tedious and/or irritating. (And if you don't do the work to write a decent bug report, usually you might as well not bother, because no one is going to do anything much with it.)

The amount of raw work it takes to write a bug report is one of the reasons I have strong feelings that filing bug reports had better be as frictionless as possible. (Assuming that you want to get bug reports to start with.)

Written on 23 November 2006.
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