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2017-12-11: Some things about booting with UEFI that are different from MBR booting
2017-12-03: Some notes and considerations on SSH host key verification
2017-11-30: The cost of memory access across a NUMA machine can (probably) matter
2017-11-18: AMD Ryzens, their memory speed peculiarities, and ECC
2017-11-14: We may have reached a point where (new) ARM servers will just work for Linux
2017-11-08: What it means to support ECC RAM (especially for AMD Ryzen)
2017-10-30: There are two sorts of TLS certificate mis-issuing
2017-10-29: There are several ways to misread specifications
2017-10-28: Why I plan to pick a relatively high-end desktop CPU for my next PC
2017-10-27: HD usage can be limited by things other than cost per TB
2017-10-22: Understanding what our wireless password protects
2017-10-13: Working to understand PCI Express and how it interacts with modern CPUs
2017-10-11: Understanding M.2 SSDs in practice and how this relates to NVMe
2017-10-08: Thinking about whether I'll upgrade my next PC partway through its life
2017-09-18: Sorting out the world of modern USB (at least a bit)
2017-09-10: I failed to notice when my network performance became terrible
2017-09-09: Letting go of having an optical drive in my machine
2017-08-22: Understanding rainbow tables
2017-08-21: Hashed Ethernet addresses are not anonymous identifiers
2017-08-10: On the Internet, merely blocking eavesdropping is a big practical win
2017-07-23: Understanding a bit about the SSH connection protocol
2017-07-21: When the SSH protocol does and doesn't do user authentication
2017-07-02: Re-applying CPU thermal paste fixed my CPU throttling issues
2017-06-15: Why I am not installing your app on my phone
2017-06-06: The IPv6 address lookup problem (and brute force solution)
2017-06-02: My views on the JSON Feed syndication feed format
2017-05-31: How a lot of specifications are often read
2017-05-28: Specifications are ultimately defined by their implementations
2017-05-26: Why globally unique IDs are useful for syndication feed entries
2017-05-15: Thinking about how much asynchronous disk write buffering you want
2017-05-14: People don't like changes (in computer stuff)
2017-05-13: People don't patch systems and that's all there is to it
2017-05-11: The challenges of recovering when unpacking archives with damage
2017-05-05: The temptation of a Ryzen-based machine for my next office workstation
2017-05-01: When a TLS client's certificate is offered to the TLS server
2017-04-28: Hardware RAID and the problem of (not) observing disk IO
2017-04-19: Some things on how PCs boot the old fashioned BIOS way
2017-04-10: How TLS certificates specify the hosts they're for
2017-03-23: ARM servers had better just work if vendors want to sell very many
2017-03-17: Overcommitting virtual memory is perfectly sensible
2017-03-08: An AMD Ryzen is unlikely to be my next desktop's CPU
2017-02-15: Another risk of hardware RAID controllers is the manufacturer vanishing
2017-02-12: I'm too much of a perfectionist about contributing to open source projects
2017-02-11: Different ways you can initialize a RAID-[567+] array
2017-01-30: Why having CR LF as your line ending is a mistake
2017-01-27: Conversations, conversational units, and Twitter
2017-01-15: Some notes on 4K monitors and connecting to them

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