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2018-12-10: Why I'm usually unnerved when modern SSDs die on us
A spate of somewhat alarming flaky SMART errors on Crucial MX500 SSDs
2018-11-26: (Open)SSH quiet connection disconnects in theory and in practice
2018-11-11: The needs of Version Control Systems conflict with capturing all metadata
OpenSSH 7.9's new key revocation support is welcome but can't be a full fix
2018-10-21: Some tradeoffs of having a Certificate Authority in your model
2018-10-05: My non-approach to password management tools
2018-09-24: Why I don't set master passwords in programs
2018-09-17: The importance of explicitly and clearly specifying things
2018-08-20: Explicit manipulation versus indirect manipulation UIs
2018-08-05: Why email is often not as good as modern communication protocols
2018-07-14: The challenge of storing file attributes on disk
2018-07-10: Some thoughts on performance shifts in moving from an iSCSI SAN to local SSDs
2018-07-08: TLS Certificate Authorities and 'trust'
2018-06-25: Twitter probably isn't for you or me any more
2018-06-08: Networks form through usage and must be maintained through it
2018-06-04: The superficial versus deep appeal of ZFS
2018-06-02: Intel versus AMD for me (in 2018)
2018-05-28: An incomplete list of reasons why I force-quit iOS apps
2018-05-24: Registering for things on the Internet is dangerous these days
2018-05-23: Almost no one wants to run their own infrastructure
2018-05-20: Modern CPU power usage varies unpredictably based on what you're doing
2018-05-18: How I usually divide up NFS (operation) metrics
2018-04-29: My new 4K HiDPI display really does make a visible difference
2018-04-18: A CPU's TDP is a misleading headline number
2018-04-13: For the first time, my home PC has no expansion cards
2018-04-08: A learning experience with iOS's fingerprint recognition
2018-03-16: Wrestling with metrics to get meaningful, useful ones
2018-03-12: Linux is good at exposing the truth of how motherboards are wired
2018-03-09: Some questions I have about DDR4 RAM speed and latency in underclocked memory
2018-02-26: Meltdown and Spectre have made this a bad time to get a new x86 CPU
It feels good to have a fallback option for home computing
2018-02-19: Some consumer SSDs are moving to a 4k 'advance format' physical block size
2018-02-11: Access control security requires the ability to do revocation
2018-02-07: Consumer SSDs and their nominal physical block sizes, now and in the future
2018-02-02: Some practical tradeoffs involved in using HTTPS instead of HTTP
2018-01-15: Meltdown and the temptation of switching to Ryzen for my new home machine
2018-01-12: Open source software licenses matter

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