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2019-12-18: PCIe slot bandwidth can change dynamically (and very rapidly)
2019-12-07: Some important things about how PCIe works out involve BIOS magic
2019-12-04: Desktop motherboards can have fewer useful PCIe slots than they seem to
2019-11-29: The problem of multiple NVMe drives in a PC desktop today
2019-11-18: LiveJournal and the path to NoSQL
2019-11-14: TCP/IP and a consequence of reliable delivery guarantees
2019-10-21: Filesystem size limits and the complication of when errors are detected
2019-10-09: Limiting the size of things in a filesystem is harder than it looks
2019-09-20: TLS server certificate verification has two parts (and some consequences)
2019-09-16: The problem of 'triangular' Network Address Translation
2019-09-06: Programs that let you jump around should copy web browser navigation
2019-09-01: Some limitations of wifi MAC address randomization
2019-08-28: A wifi MAC address randomization surprise in a new Android gadget
2019-08-25: Text UIs and the problem of discoverability
2019-08-10: One core problem with DNSSEC
2019-08-09: Non-uniform caches are harder to make work well
2019-07-29: The practical difference between CPU TDP and observed power draw illustrated
2019-07-21: Wireless networks have names and thus identify themselves
2019-07-19: Some brief views on iOS clients for Mastodon (as of mid 2019)
2019-07-08: SMART drive self-tests seem potentially useful, but not too much
2019-06-14: Intel's approach to naming Xeon CPUs is pretty annoying
2019-06-08: Hardware Security Modules are just boxes running opaque and probably flawed software
2019-05-08: Some general things and views on DNS over HTTPS
2019-05-05: TLS certificate rollover outside of the web is complex and tangled
What usually identifies an intermediate or root TLS certificate
2019-05-01: One of my problems with YAML is its sheer complexity
2019-04-30: My problem with YAML's use of whitespace
2019-04-29: Notifications and interruptions, and my view on them
2019-04-22: You might as well get an x86 CPU now, despite Meltdown and its friends
2019-04-14: A VPN for me but not you: a surprise when tethering to my phone
2019-04-03: NVMe and an interesting technology change
2019-03-29: My NVMe versus SSD uncertainty (and hesitation)
2019-03-25: The mystery of my desktop that locks up when it gets too cold
2019-02-21: An advantage of tablets and two-in-one devices over small laptops
2019-02-14: A pleasant surprise with a Thunderbolt 3 10G-T Ethernet adapter
2019-02-10: Open protocols can evolve fast if they're willing to break other people
2019-02-07: A touchpad is not a mouse, or at least not a good one
2019-02-03: My temptation of getting a personal laptop
2019-01-16: Perhaps you no longer want to force a server-preferred TLS cipher order on clients
2019-01-14: Why your fresh new memory pages are zero-filled

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