A reason to read blogs in reverse chronological order

October 8, 2006

I've finally found a good use for reading blogs in the reverse chronological order that everyone (even syndication feed readers) defaults to.

For various reasons, I am way behind in reading the syndication feeds that I (nominally) follow. In this situation, reverse chronological order turns out to be great for cherry-picking the current news and getting a quick sense of any important recent developments.

(It's not that the older entries are valueless, but since they've waited a while already they can likely wait a bit more.)

On a side note, being overloaded with unread entries magnifies all of the little irritations in feeds, including how Usenet readers solved all of these problems ten years ago.

(Partial feeds are especially irritating, mostly because they break the flow of skimming by forcing me to pause and open up a browser and wait for the entry to load and find the entry text in their design and etc. By contrast, hitting spacebar to page down has by now reached the status of a spinal reflex.)

Of course, probably the most sensible way to deal with the whole problem is to start unsubscribing from various aggregators and the like (especially now that one of them has picked up a vendor blog that seems to be basically marketing PR). But I'm bad at doing things like that, for reasons that don't fit in the margin of this entry.

(A big bang solution gets more and more tempting, though; if not unsubscribing, I could just do 'mark all read' on most of the feeds. Especially the ones I'm only reading because they come as default feeds with liferea.)

Written on 08 October 2006.
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