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2017-12-31: Is the C runtime and library a legitimate part of the Unix API?
2017-12-25: There were Unix machines with real DirectColor graphics hardware
2017-12-24: The interestingly different display colour models of X10 and X11
2017-11-13: X11 PseudoColor displays could have multiple hardware colormaps
2017-11-12: The fun of X11 PseudoColor displays and window managers
2017-11-11: What X11's TrueColor means (with some history)
2017-10-26: The 'standard set' of Unix programs is something that evolves over time
2017-10-21: Multi-Unix environments are less and less common now
2017-09-30: The origin of POSIX as I learned the story (or mythology)
2017-09-29: Shell builtin versions of standard commands have drawbacks
2017-09-23: A clever way of killing groups of processes
2017-09-13: System shutdown is complicated and involves policy decisions
2017-09-12: The different contexts of stopping a Unix daemon or service
2017-08-20: The surprising longevity of Unix manpage formatting
2017-08-19: Subnets and early Unix implementations of TCP/IP networking
2017-07-17: Why I think Emacs readline bindings work better than Vi ones
2017-07-11: The BSD r* commands and the history of privileged TCP ports
2017-06-17: One reason you have a mysterious Unix file called 2 (or 1)
2017-06-10: One downside of the traditional style of writing Unix manpages
2017-06-04: Why the popen() API works but more complex versions blow up
2017-05-05: Digging into BSD's choice of Unix group for new directories and files
2017-05-03: Sometimes, chmod can fail for interesting reasons
2017-04-29: Some versions of sort can easily sort IPv4 addresses into natural order
2017-04-08: Wayland is now the future of Unix graphics and GUIs
2017-04-05: Why the modern chown command uses a colon to separate the user and group
2017-03-13: What should it mean for a system call to time out?
2017-03-06: Modern X Windows can be a very complicated environment
2017-03-01: Cheap concurrency is an illusion (at least on Unix)
2017-02-04: My views on X (Windows)
2017-02-03: What it's sensible to use a bunch of Unix swap space for
2017-01-29: How Unix erases things when you type a backspace while entering text
2017-01-28: What we still use ASCII CR for today (on Unix)
2017-01-20: Why tiling window managers are not really for me (on the desktop)
2017-01-09: Making modern FreeType-using versions of xterm display CJK characters

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