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2018-12-27: The many return values of read() (plus some other cases)
2018-12-21: Working around an irritating recent XTerm change in behavior
2018-12-13: Some new-to-me features in POSIX (or Single Unix Specification) Bourne shells
2018-11-21: What I really miss when I don't have X across the network
2018-11-10: Character by character TTY input in Unix, then and now
2018-10-20: The original Unix ed(1) didn't load files being edited into memory
2018-10-18: Why you should be willing to believe that ed(1) is a good editor
2018-09-22: The ed(1) command in the Single Unix Specification (and the SVID)
Some differences between various versions of ed(1)
2018-09-02: NFS directory reading and directory file type information
2018-08-25: The history of file type information being available in Unix directories
2018-08-22: Why ed(1) is not a good editor today
2018-08-19: Why I'm mostly not interest in exploring new fonts (on Unix)
2018-08-03: Firefox now implements its remote control partly over D-Bus
2018-07-30: My own configuration files don't have to be dotfiles in $HOME
2018-07-16: Why people are probably going to keep using today's Unixes
2018-06-29: What 'PID rollover' is on Unix systems
2018-06-17: The history of terminating the X server with Ctrl + Alt + Backspace
2018-06-15: Default X resources are host specific (which I forgot today)
2018-06-07: The history of Unix's confusing set of low-level ways to allocate memory
2018-05-05: Modern Unix GUIs now need to talk to at least one C library
2018-05-04: Why you can't put zero bytes in Unix command line arguments
2018-04-18: The sensible way to use Bourne shell 'here documents' in pipelines
2018-04-16: Some notes and issues from trying out urxvt as an xterm replacement
2018-03-04: The value locked up in the Unix API makes it pretty durable
The practical Unix API is more than system calls (or POSIX)
2018-02-18: Memories of MGR
2018-02-02: X's network transparency was basically free at the time
2018-01-26: X's network transparency has wound up mostly being a failure
2018-01-16: You could say that Linux is AT&T's fault

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