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2019-12-26: The Unix C library API can only be reliably used from C
2019-12-23: The BSD and Linux approaches to development put coherence in different places
2019-12-22: OpenBSD has to be a BSD Unix and you couldn't duplicate it with Linux
2019-11-20: In the old days, we didn't use multiple Unixes by choice (mostly)
The fading out of multi-'architecture' Unix environments
2019-10-22: Groups of processes are a frequent and fundamental thing in Unix
2019-10-03: Making changes to multiple files at once in Vim
2019-09-21: Why chroot is a security feature for (anonymous) FTP
2019-09-10: Catching Control-C and a gotcha with shell scripts
2019-08-21: Making sense of OpenBSD 'pfctl -ss' output for firewall state tables
2019-08-07: What has to happen with Unix virtual memory when you have no swap space
2019-08-05: dup(2) and shared file descriptors
2019-08-03: Sharing file descriptors with child processes is a clever Unix decision
2019-07-28: What I want out of my window manager
2019-07-22: Why file and directory operations are synchronous in NFS
2019-06-30: Understanding why 'root window' X under Wayland may matter
2019-06-26: The death watch for the X Window System (aka X11) has probably started
2019-06-19: How Bash decides it's being invoked through sshd and sources your .bashrc
2019-06-02: I haven't customized my Vim setup and I'm not sure I should try to (yet)
2019-05-31: Some things about where icons for modern X applications come from
2019-05-23: I will probably never give my shell dotfiles the major reform they could use
2019-05-18: Binding keys to actions in xterm, and my bindings as an example
2019-04-27: Some useful features of (GNU) date for things like time conversion
2019-04-19: V7 Unix programs are often not written the way you would expect
2019-04-18: One reason ed(1) was a good editor back in the days of V7 Unix
2019-03-13: Peculiarities about Unix's statfs() or statvfs() API
2019-03-07: Exploring the mild oddity that Unix pipes are buffered
2019-03-04: A surprisingly arcane little Unix shell pipeline example
2019-02-17: Why I like middle mouse button paste in xterm so much
2019-02-12: Using grep with /dev/null, an old Unix trick
2019-02-02: A little appreciation for Vim's 'g' command
2019-01-07: Daemons and the pragmatics of unexpected error values from system calls
2019-01-06: accept(2)'s problem of trying to return two different sorts of errors

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