NFS directory reading and directory file type information

September 2, 2018

NFS has always had an operation to read directories (unsurprisingly called READDIR). In NFS v2, this operation simply returned a list of names (and 'fileids', ie inode numbers). One of the things that NFS v3 introduced was an extended version of this, called READDIRPLUS that returns some additional information along with the directory listing. This new operation was motivated by the observation that NFS clients often immediately followed a READDIR operation by a bunch of additional NFS calls to get additional information on many or all of the names in the directory. In light of the fact that file type information is available in Unix directories at least some of the time (on many Unixes), I found myself wondering if this file type information was sufficient for an NFS server to implement READDIRPLUS, so that such a Unix could satisfy READDIRPLUS requests purely from reading the directory itself.

As far as I can see, unfortunately the answer is that it isn't. Directory file type information only gives you the file type of each name, while NFS v3's READDIRPLUS operation is specified in RFC 1813 as returning full information on each name, what the standard calls a fattr3 (defined on page 22). This is basically the same as what you get from stat(), and this implies that the NFS server has to read each inode to pull up this information. That's kind of a pity, at least for NFS v3, and one of the consequences is that you can't get the same type of high-efficiency file type scanning over NFS v3 as you can locally.

We have historically used NFS v3 only and so I default to mostly looking at it. However, there's also NFS v4 (specified in RFC 7530), and once I looked at it, it turns out to be different in an important way. NFS v4 has only a READDIR operation, but it has been defined to allow the NFS client to specify what attributes of each name it wants to get back. A NFS v4 client can thus opt to ask for only fileids and file type information, which permits an NFS v4 server to satisfy the READDIR request purely from reading the directory, without having to stat() each file in the directory. Even in the possible case where file type information isn't known for all files, the NFS v4 server would only have to stat() some files, not all of them.

With that said, I don't know if NFS v4 clients actually make such limited READDIR requests or if they actually ask NFS v4 servers to give them enough extra information that the server has to stat() everything. Sadly, one thing clients could sensibly want to know to save time is the NFS filehandle of each name, and the filehandle generally requires information that needs a stat().

(Learning this about NFS v4 may make us more interested in trying to use it, assuming that we can make everything work in NFS v4 with traditional 'sec=sys' Unix style 'trust the client's claims about UIDs and GIDs' security.)

Written on 02 September 2018.
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