Wandering Thoughts archives

2017-12-20: I feel that Firefox forks that would be useful to me are doomed
2017-12-17: Some questions someone should ask Mozilla
2017-12-15: Mozilla betrays Firefox users and its nominal principles
2017-12-13: Our Apache file serving problem on our general purpose web server
2017-12-10: Let's Encrypt and a TLS monoculture
2017-12-08: Some thoughts on what StartCom's shutdown means in general
2017-11-19: StartCom gives up on its Certificate Authority business
2017-11-02: I think Certificate Transparency is better for the web than HTTP Key Pinning
2017-10-07: I'm trying out smooth scrolling in my browsers
2017-10-04: My new worry about Firefox 56 and the addons that I care about
2017-09-15: Firefox 57 and the state of old pre-WebExtensions addons
2017-09-08: My view of the problem with Extended Validation TLS certificates
2017-08-25: The probable coming explosion of Firefox 57
2017-08-14: Chrome extensions are becoming a reason not to use Chrome
2017-08-09: How encryption without authentication would still be useful on the web
2017-08-04: The problem with distributed authentication systems for big sites
2017-08-02: Why I'll never pick the 'sign in with a Facebook or Google account' option
2017-07-31: Modern web page design and superstition
2017-07-30: Some terrible article page design elements on the modern web
2017-07-20: HTTPS is a legacy protocol
2017-07-19: I've become resigned to Firefox slowly leaking memory
2017-06-23: In praise of uBlock Origin's new 'element zapper' feature
My situation with Twitter and my Firefox setup (in which I blame pseudo-XHTML)
2017-06-16: The (current) state of Firefox Nightly and old extensions
2017-06-05: Another case of someone being too clever in their User-Agent field
2017-05-25: URLs are terrible permanent identifiers for things
2017-05-21: We use jQuery and I've stopped feeling ashamed about it
2017-05-19: I'm not sure what I feel about this web spider's User-Agent value
2017-05-18: A shift in the proper sizes of images on web pages
2017-04-19: For me Chrome clearly wins over Firefox on Javascript-heavy websites
2017-04-12: On today's web, a local Certificate Authority is fairly dangerous
2017-03-19: Using Firefox's userContent.css for website-specific fixes
2017-03-12: CSS, <pre>, and trailing whitespace lead to browser layout weirdness
2017-03-11: Your live web server probably has features you don't know about
2017-02-27: The conflict between wildcard TLS certificates and Certificate Transparency
2017-02-19: Using pup to deal with Twitter's increasing demand for Javascript
2017-02-17: robots.txt is a hint and a social contract between sites and web spiders
2017-01-12: Modern ad networks are why adblockers are so effective
2017-01-07: How ready my Firefox extensions are for Firefox Electrolysis
2017-01-06: Web adblockers and the potential for recreating the Usenet killfile problem

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