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2018-12-14: Why our Grafana URLs always require HTTP Basic Authentication
2018-12-09: Firefox, WebExtensions, and Content Security Policies
2018-12-07: Why we like HTTP Basic Authentication in Apache so much
2018-12-03: Wget is not welcome here any more (sort of)
2018-11-25: Firefox's middle-click behavior on HTML links on Linux
2018-11-02: Metadata that you can't commit into a VCS is a mistake (for file based websites)
2018-10-29: Shooting myself in the foot by cargo-culting Apache configuration bits
2018-10-12: My unusual use for Firefox's Private Browsing mode
2018-10-02: An irritating limitation or two of addons in Firefox Quantum
2018-09-30: My Firefox addons as of Firefox '64' (the current development version)
2018-09-24: Walking away from Google Chrome
2018-09-19: The Extended Validation TLS certificate endgame is here (to my surprise)
2018-09-15: How to use uBlock Origin to block Javascript by default
2018-09-09: Why I don't think browsers will ever standardize how 'Reader Mode' works
Cookie management models in Firefox Quantum in practice
2018-09-07: I've slowly been improving my web experience by trusting uMatrix more
2018-08-17: Some Firefox addons I'm experimenting with (as of Firefox 62 or so)
2018-08-14: Our problem with HTTPS and user-created content
2018-08-05: Some more notes on Firefox 63 and perhaps later media autoplay settings
2018-07-24: I doubt Chrome's new 'not secure' warning about HTTP sites will change much (at least right away)
2018-07-06: I'm seeing occasional mysterious POST requests without Content-Types
2018-07-01: Understanding the first imperative of a commercial Certificate Authority
2018-06-14: Clearing cached HTTP redirections or HSTS status in Firefox
2018-06-11: A website's design shows its actual priorities
2018-06-03: Why I believe that HTTPS-only JavaScript APIs make sense
2018-05-31: What is the long term future for Extended Validation TLS certificates?
Extended Validation TLS certificates are basically invisible
2018-05-27: Most modern web spiders are parasites
2018-05-11: Notice to web spiders: an email address in your user-agent isn't good enough
2018-05-06: Firefox turns out to need some degree of 'autoplay' support
2018-04-30: Microsoft's Bingbot crawler is on a relative rampage here
2018-04-27: Some notes on Firefox's current media autoplay settings
2018-04-05: Switching over to Firefox Quantum was relatively painless
2018-04-02: I've retired my filtering HTTP proxy
2018-03-30: My current set of Firefox Quantum (57+) addons
2018-03-21: You probably don't want to run Firefox Nightly any more
2018-03-18: Why I use Facebook (a story of web development)
2018-03-11: A bad web scraper operating out of OVH IP address space
2018-03-07: Some things I mean when I talk about 'forged HTTP referers'
2018-02-20: How switching to uMatrix for JavaScript blocking has improved my web experience
2018-02-12: Writing my first addon for Firefox wasn't too hard or annoying
2018-02-04: More notes on using uMatrix in Firefox 56 (in place of NoScript)
2018-01-31: Mozilla's Looking Glass 'retrospective' is unfortunately inadequate
2018-01-30: Reverse engineering some settings for Google Search
2018-01-28: The limitations of Firefox's Reader mode
2018-01-24: Some early notes on using uMatrix to replace NoScript in Firefox 56
2018-01-22: The addons that I would likely use with Firefox Quantum (57+)
2018-01-21: The temptation of Firefox Quantum for me

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