Wandering Thoughts archives

2019-12-17: Browsers and the relative size of their default monospace fonts
2019-12-15: Peering into the depths of (presumed) website vulnerability probing
2019-12-09: Firefox's peculiar handling of font choice preferences
2019-11-13: How to make a rather obnoxiously bad web spider the easy way
My mistake in forgetting how Apache .htaccess files are checked
2019-11-02: Using personal ruleset recipes in uMatrix in Firefox
2019-11-01: The appeal of text templating systems for generating HTML
2019-10-28: One of XHTML's practical problems was its implications for web page generation
2019-10-27: An interesting little glitch in how Firefox sometimes handles updates to addons
2019-10-18: My little irritation with Firefox's current handling of 'Do-Not-Track'
2019-10-14: Googlebot is both quite fast and very determined to crawl your pages
2019-10-05: The wikitext problem with new HTML elements such as <details>
2019-10-01: My interest in and disappointment about HTML5's new <details> element
2019-09-20: Modernizing (a bit) some of our HTML form <input> elements
2019-09-18: Firefox, DNS over HTTPS, and us
2019-08-28: Allowing some Alias directives to override global Redirects in Apache
2019-08-24: Apache, Let's Encrypt, and site-wide reverse proxies and HTTP redirections
2019-08-20: Saying goodbye to Flash (in Firefox, and in my web experience)
2019-07-12: Browers can't feasibly stop web pages from talking to private (local) IP addresses
2019-07-07: Straightforward web applications are now very likely to be stable in browsers
2019-06-16: Firefox and my views on the tradeoffs of using DNS over HTTPS
2019-06-06: Feed readers and their interpretation of the Atom 'title' element
2019-06-05: The HTML <pre> element doesn't do very much
2019-05-25: Blocking JavaScript by default is not an easy path
2019-05-10: Firefox versus Chrome (my 2019 view)
2019-05-07: Some weird and dubious syndication feed fetching from SBL-listed IPs
2019-04-24: The appeal of using plain HTML pages
2019-04-17: Private browsing mode versus a browser set to keep nothing on exit
2019-04-03: A sign of people's fading belief in RSS syndication
2019-03-16: Staying away from Google Chrome after six months or so
2019-03-14: The plague of 'you've logged in to our site again' notification emails
2019-02-13: An unpleasant surprise with part of Apache's AllowOverride directive
2019-02-11: Thinking about the merits of 'universal' URL structures
2019-01-11: A new drawback of using my custom-compiled Firefox
2019-01-10: Why I still have a custom-compiled Firefox (early 2019 edition)
2019-01-02: You shouldn't allow Firefox to recommend things to you any more

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