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2020-12-14: Chrome is getting its own set of Certificate Authority roots
2020-12-06: The deprecation of FTP in browsers and its likely effects on search engines
2020-12-01: A new appreciation for Firefox's 'Performance' web developer tool
2020-11-25: Firefox's WebRender has mixed results for me on Linux
2020-11-19: Firefox on Linux has not worked well with WebRender for me so far
2020-10-19: Firefox has a little handy font-related thing on Unix (or at least Linux)
2020-10-04: Web page generation systems should support remapping external URLs
2020-10-02: Firefox is improving its handling of HTTP Basic Authentication (on Unix)
2020-09-10: My take on permanent versus temporary HTTP redirects in general
Permanent versus temporary redirects when handling extra query parameters on your URLs
2020-09-08: What you should do about extra query parameters on your URLs
2020-09-07: URL query parameters and how laxness creates de facto requirements on the web
2020-09-04: In practice, cool URLs change (eventually)
2020-08-28: Firefox 80 and my confusion over its hardware accelerated video on Linux
2020-08-19: Potential problem points for Chrome (or any browser) to support Linux
2020-08-17: Firefox and web browsers for Linux
2020-07-24: My varied types of Firefox windows
2020-07-07: I now think that blog 'per day' pages with articles are a mistake
2020-06-23: Sometimes it takes other people to show you some of your site's design flaws
2020-06-22: Today I learned that HTML <abbr> may not do much on mobile browsers
2020-05-22: Mixed feelings about Firefox Addons' new non-Recommended extensions warning
2020-05-13: The modern HTTPS world has no place for old web servers
2020-04-25: Some notes on Firefox's interstitial warning for old TLS versions
2020-04-12: The appeal of doing exact string comparisons with Apache's RewriteCond
2020-03-16: How Firefox could support automatically using local DNS over HTTPS servers
2020-03-13: Sensible heuristics for when to use DNS over HTTPS can't work for us
2020-03-11: Some notes on the state of DNS over HTTPS in Firefox (as of March 2020)
2020-03-09: Logging out of HTTP Basic Authentication in Firefox
2020-02-26: The browsers are probably running the TLS show now
2020-02-05: The drawback of having a dynamic site with a lot of URLs on today's web
2020-02-02: Some unusual and puzzling bad requests for my CSS stylesheet
2020-01-13: We may not want to use OCSP stapling in our web servers
2020-01-12: How I now think you want to configure Apache for OCSP stapling
2020-01-10: OCSP stapling and what web servers and browsers do in the face of errors
2020-01-08: Why I use both uBlock Origin and uMatrix
My Firefox addons as of Firefox '74' (the current development version)

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