Another really stupid web spider

May 10, 2006

I have to take back what I said just the other day about having seen the worst stealth spider I'd ever seen. The day after I wrote that entry, I saw a worse case.

Like the first one, they made two valid requests to start with and then followed them up with 65 bad ones, all in the span of 11 seconds. Also like the first one, all their requests were bad because they couldn't deal with absolute paths in <a href="...">. But they topped the first one because they lowercased all the URLs.

This right here is me clutching my head like a stunned monkey.

All 67 requests came from; according to, this is part of, assigned to 'PQC Service, LLC' of Wilmington Delaware, zip code 19801. All of the machines have generic reverse DNS. (Some Googling suggests that the company runs porn sites.)

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By DanielMartin at 2006-05-11 14:58:03:

"'PQC Service, LLC' of Wilmington Delaware, zip code 19801" would be more accurately described as "PQC Service, LLC, a shell corporation registered and with a mail drop in Delaware, servers in Dallas, a fax number in Kentucky, apparently run by a bunch of Ukrainians as a porn-friendly webhost."


Their Kentucky fax number, by the way, is shared by a company called "Capital Collect", a company whose business model seems to be to move money into the US for people who need it here and out of the US for those who need it elsewhere. Capital Collect's voice phone has a Connecticut area code, and a New Hampshire mailing address.

I'm just saying that a poorly-behaving web spider is the least shady thing they seem to be into.

Written on 10 May 2006.
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