Character entity names recognized by DWiki

This is the automatically generated big list of character entities recognized by (this) DWiki in the C macro. For the meanings and more precise specifications of these, see the Character entity references in HTML 4 from the HTML 4.01 specification.

Note that not everything in this list may show as a character in your browser, or in other people's browsers. Also, this list is pretty much the full HTML 4.01 list. Older versions of HTML don't define all of these entities; the Wikipedia page is the best reference for what entities are defined in what version of HTML. (Since DWiki doesn't know what HTML version you're labelling its output as, it can't restrict the entities C will accept.)

The character entity list, with names and how they show:

Some tedious but possibly important detail: DWiki takes its list of known character entities from the Python htmlentitydefs module.

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