DWiki's tables can now have rows that span multiple lines, using indentation to continue them on subsequent lines just like with lists. The appearance is straightforward; just write:

| start your table | another cell that
  is continued on another line | the end cell |
| cell one | cell two | cell three |

A row is closed by having a ' |' at the end of a line, or just by starting a new row.

An example:

root If present, this is taken as the root directory that further configuration directives can specify paths relative to.
pagedir The root directory of the page hierarchy.
tmpldir The root directory of the template hierarchy.
rooturl The URL of the root of the DWiki page hierarchy, specified without the trailing /.

As you can see, because DWiki is obsessive the final ' |' on a line is optional; if you omit it and go on, DWiki will just slam the whole stack of open markup closed.

Cell contents are aligned to the top left of the cell, because this seems to be about right for visual appearance for things that ChrisSiebenmann wants.

The sole problem with this table markup style is that GNU Emacs wants to put a starting ' |' on things when it autoindents, and won't autoindent on subsequent lines. Unfortunately I don't think I can find a visually appealing character that GNU Emacs will do the right thing with.

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