DWiki now supports comments on pages; comments are themselves written in DWikiText. Currently pages have to be specifically enabled for this; in the future I will have a better global or semi-global mechanism for this.

Pages are enabled for comments with {{CanComment}}, which takes optional arguments ala {{Restricted}} to say who can or cannot comment. Comments must come from logged in people. If you want a globally commentable DWiki, enable a default user.

Like blog-style directory rendering, actual comment rendering (and even the comment form handling itself, preview included, except for the bit where we post comments) is handled by renderers and templates.

Only files can be commented on, not directories.

Comments are stored in a separate directory hierarchy, the commentdir hierarchy, as files in a directory that corresponds to the page they're attached to. Comments are given meaningless internal names based on their contents (including user and ip, but not including time); this handily guarantees unique file names for different comments plus suppressing duplicate comments from the same place and person. (I could suppress entirely duplicate posts if I wanted to change the storage scheme a bit.)

The time a comment was made isn't stored in the comment's data file; it is implicit in the timestamp of the file. Moral: make sure that your backups preserve file modtime, because otherwise if you restore a DWiki everything gets jumbled up.

As a safety measure, no wikitext macro works in comment wikitext.

Comments don't have an independant existence, and as a consequence you cannot see their wikitext through DWiki; you have to look at the raw filesystem version. Nor can they be deleted (through the web) or edited after posting.

You can't see comments on pages that you can't see, and you can't write comments for such pages either.

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