All wikitext macros and template renderer functions now have Python docstrings. This is because there is a new macro, {{DocAll}}, that spits out a list of macros or renderers and their docstrings, thereby creating a one-stop shop for a list of them all and documentation for them.

Formatting and TemplateSyntax have been changed to use this, thereby killing several birds and a fix-me with one somewhat extended stone.

In the process of writing docstrings, I fixed several irritating limitations and renamed a few renderers.

ChrisSiebenmann likes this approach best because it keeps the documentation closely attached to the function, thereby serving as a clear visual reminder that a) change the function, update the documentation that's right there in front of him and b) write a new function, write a docstring to go with it.

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Last modified: Tue May 31 16:25:45 2005
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