New: DWiki can generate Google Sitemaps

I added the ability for DWiki to generate Google Sitemap format XML files, using the view 'sitemap'. The information included is very basic currently: just the URL for each file page, all of them set to priority 0.8 (in the hopes that Google will decide that all of the directories are priority 0.5 and prefer returning file page results).

Google does not say what Content-Type you should return sitemaps in, so I have opted for 'application/xml'.

In the future, something as elaborate as Atom rendering may be done. For now, everything is hardcoded in the sitemap::minurlset renderer.

Updated: now directories are shown too, at priority 0.6. This feature is clearly going to be in flux for a while.

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Last modified: Sun Dec 18 03:37:25 2005
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