New: Text formatting via macros

I (ChrisSiebenmann) found myself with a genuine need for text set in HTML <strike>. Rather than try to invent a formatting setup for this that did not make me cringe, I just punted to the easy solution: macros that do text formatting.

So, DWiki now has grown the new macros:

Through special black magic, ST, C, and AB can be used in comments (the omission of IMG is deliberate). In theory this lets a commenter cause character set explosions, but in practice a bad commenter can just write UTF-8 directly (UTF-8 is the common and only sane character set choice, so).

Implementing these as macros means that they have some limitations. You can't nest C, AB, or a differently styled ST inside an ST, and currently none of them can be done inside link text ([[....]]).

These macros are a bit of a hack. It's relatively easy to implement bits of HTML this way, but I'm not sure if it's good design overall.

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Last modified: Mon Feb 27 03:48:06 2006
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