DWiki has a new template handling scheme: the core idea is that we now have a way of a) picking the first existing template from a list of them and b) generating candidate templates by variable substitution and 'all parent directories' expansion. This gives DWiki a simple and general framework for doing things like 'template injection', which lets us skin an entire directory hierarchy (but not the entire wiki) with things like blog sidebars.

This also gives us a single top-level template that generates all normal HTML-based pages, thereby giving us a single place to skin the entire site. The per-view templates in views/* (now only a convention) now just generate view-specific information, leaving all of the rest up to the top-level template.

The clarity and lack of stupid template piece duplication of the result is a clear indication of how it is a better scheme. (And no more silly things like splitting a <div> start and end into different files and hoping they get included in the right spots.)

TemplateSyntax and TemplatesUsed have been revised appropriately.

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