New: Page Titles

Pages now have accessible 'titles', sort of. A page's title is taken to be the value of the header that starts the page, if said header is on the very first line. (So this page's nominal title is 'New: Page Titles'.) The header level doesn't matter; a <h6> is as good as a <h1>, so long as it's the first line on the page.

This info is available only after the page has been rendered, in the new global context variable :wikitext:title. Fortunately for us, Atom feed entries can have their fields in any order, so we are free to generate <title> after <content>.

Why did I do this? First, it's suitably low rent, and second I decided I wanted some vague way to generate semi-real page titles in Atom feeds instead of the current full path to the page (ever so helpful and informative as it is).

The only tricky bit was making sure that only the appropriate magic wikitext renderers set the page title, and not all the times that we spin through wikitext looking for, eg, permissions. (Especially important in Atom feeds, as Atom feeds look at everyone's permissions before they do the real rendering.)

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