DWiki can now generate RSS 2.0 format syndication feeds for recently changed pages. This is a terrible hack that should not exist but ChrisSiebenmann has to deal with a few things that don't accept Atom format feeds, only RSS 2.0 feeds. RSS 2.0 page feeds are just like Atom page feeds and all Atom page feed restrictions and configuration options apply to them too. They are not advertised anywhere (either in page tools or in feed automdiscovery); to get access to them you must specify the feed URL directly, using the view name 'rss2' (as in http://you.cim/dwiki/?rss2).

See dwiki/view-rss2.tmpl and syndication/rss2entry.tmpl for what RSS 2.0 elements are used and how.

There is no RSS 2.0 feed for page comments.

(Because this is a hack, asking for the RSS 2.0 feed of VirtualDirs that are restricted such that they get redirections to the base directory, per AtomFeedsAndVirtualDirs, will get you a redirection to the Atom feed for that base directory. This is considered acceptable since people aren't supposed to be using those feeds anyways.)

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