Directories can now have Readme files, called __readme. Readme files are injected into pages via the new renderer inject::readme (probably the first of several injectors).

The current templates don't inject __readme in normal directory views, but do inject them for blog and blogdir views (as you may see from this directory). Blog and blogdir views now drop all files starting with __, taking out __readme and __access and any future special magic files.

This is perhaps a lame approach that ChrisSiebenmann will rethink later. The general problem is however quite real, and is at its root two problems:

Some sort of 'injection' support to add content to pages under some circumstances seems useful in general. It's possible the long run solution will be injecting full template pieces instead of just injecting wikitext content from the page area.

(This all somewhat implies that much content positioning will be done by CSS, since that makes content much easier to inject without changing lots of things around it.)

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