DWiki now has an extremely low-rent generic from-the-web search functionality. It's so low-rent I'm not sure I'm going to keep it, but we'll have to see.

Instead of doing something clever, it is basically the code that implements {{ListRefs:...}} ripped out. (ListRefs now calls the code, so I do not go mad.)

It exists mostly because I didn't feel like grepping the page store to see where I had mentioned something. So.

Because I am dubious about it, search must be enabled in the configuration file with 'search-on'. Possibly this should be a feature. 'search-on' can be set to authenticated, in which case searching is restricted to authenticated users.

At least I now have the chance to put smarter searching code in one place and I might even say I have a motivation to do that. Not much of a motivation, but ...

In the process I got irritated at HTTP (again) and discovered more things about CSS layout and objects. Today's hint: put all of the text that you want to stay with the form in a single line inside the <form> block, or 'lo, the browser will rearrange it.

I do still really wish forms could generate URLs with query suffixes like '?search&searchfor=whatever'; that would have made my life simpler and the URLs less ugly. (I could intuit a view from the presence of searchfor alone, but that is too much black magic right now and I prefer not to guess too much when dealing with web input.)

DWiki is an odd combination of deep paranoia and gleeful flowers of uncaring about such semi-security things.

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Last modified: Sat May 28 05:21:15 2005
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