With blog-style things now decently supported, there is the problem that some pages want to be longer than is comfortable for display in a blog setting. Now wikitext can signal that only the front should be shown in some contexts, like so:

This is done by the {{CutShort}} macro. In the future it will take arguments to specify just when to cut things off.

{{CutShort}} is not enabled in normal wikitext rendering; it is only enabled in the new wikitext:short renderer. We assume that things like the blog entry template will use that one instead of wikitext.

This does raise the interesting issue of how a {{Restricted}} set after a {{CutShort}} works. The current decision is that only restrictions up to the cut point are checked, because this allows you to put teasers up for the un-authenticated or wrongly-authenticated yet hide the full text.

(That this is easier to code and runs faster is only incidental. Honest. Would ChrisSiebenmann do something like that?)

(No, don't answer that question.)

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Last modified: Fri May 27 01:03:10 2005
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