New: Atom feed autodiscovery

There's a standard for autodiscovery of Atom feeds, involving <link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" href="..."> element in your <head>. Now DWiki has a atom::autodisc renderer to create them.

The current code only generates 'recently changed pages' Atom feed links, and so disappears entirely when there isn't one. In theory one can have multiple autodiscoverable feeds (the first is the default, and they get title="..." elements), but I don't quite feel like being that daring just yet.

(I am also not confidant that clients have the UI issues involved sorted out. I'm not sure I have the issues sorted out; for example, should file pages have only the comment feed in the autodiscovery, or should they also have the recent changes for their directory feed in? Which better matches practical user expectations? Can I expect users to be aware of the difference between directory pages and file pages?)

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Last modified: Thu Sep 15 01:11:41 2005
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