DWiki now supports 'virtual directories': directories that don't really exist but instead serve to limit what's shown for a real directory. For example, you can limit what's shown for a real directory to only the most recent 5 things, or to only things written on 2005/05/29.

This is expected to be most useful when applied to a blogdir view.

Virtual directories are added on to the end of a directory, and are themselves treated as directories. The three types that currently exist are:

DWiki also lacks any direct support for generating links to virtual directories, although you can use REDIRECT files to point to them.

This approach is essentially an alternate way of supplying additional arguments to existing views, instead of creating alternate views for the virtual directories. I think this is the appropriate take on the whole thing for DWiki.

There is somewhat lame support for navigating backwards and forwards through the limits. Usefully, breadcrumbs do a lot of the work for the calendar based thing, although you cannot drill down from year to month or month to day. In the future there will be some sort of calendar block or strip or something. I am enamoured of a simple strip of days with content or something, although that would have to be a view all of its own.

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