CamelCase and WikiWords

CamelCase is the general term DWiki uses for words run together with each word having its start capitalized; CamelCase is itself a CamelCase word.

DWiki uses CamelCase words in DWikiText as the easiest way of making links between DWiki pages: a CamelCase word that's the name of another DWiki page turns into a link to that other page. (The rules for figuring out when a CamelCase word is 'the name of another DWiki page' and what happens when it's possibly ambiguous are a little arcane; they are discussed on the DWikiText page.)

Technically speaking, a DWiki CamelCase word has to start with a capital letter and have another capital letter somewhere later in it. Words can include alphabetic characters, numbers, '/', and '.'.

DWiki's CamelCase rules are a particular instance of the general Wiki idea of WikiWords.

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